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We offer a range of services to keep your company safe and compliant. Whether you’re responding to an OSHA inspection or taking a proactive approach to your safety strategy, Superior Safety Solutions can enhance safety training, onsite safety meetings and mock OSHA inspections.

Safety Services

OSHA has their team, why shouldn’t you? Our experienced safety consultants understand the OSHA inspection process, regulations, and your rights, and can provide the best immediate action. Contact Superior Safety Solutions for representation as soon as OSHA shows up at your door.

Your company has the right to representation during an OSHA inspection.

Superior Safety Solutions can also report any reportable incidents to OSHA on behalf of your company. Keeping all communication between Superior Safety Solutions and OSHA will protect your rights.

Mock OSHA Inspections help you close any gaps in your compliance program, provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees, and offer peace of mind if and when an OSHA inspector knocks at your door.

While onsite, our safety consultants will act as inspectors, helping your company maintain compliance with OSHA. Our safety consultants are proficient in current OSHA regulations and can advise you regarding necessary corrections.

Our safety consultants provide thorough, electronic reports of the violations that occurred and photos of their visit. This service can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly to construction and other general industries at a very affordable cost.

Our safety consultants will help you develop a daily safety and health hazard (risk) assessment practice for your business and suggest appropriate strategies to correct negative behaviors and conditions before issues arise.

If you require abatement assistance after an OSHA inspection, we provide the knowledge for your employees to obtain compliance. Superior Safety Solutions can come to your job site/facility to provide abatement directly to OSHA.

Once your company has received OSHA citations, you have the right to contest them within 15 working days. Send your citations to info@superiorsafetysolutions.biz for a free evaluation. Our safety consultants will review your citations and discuss the best course of action to reduce the penalty amount or reduce, or even eliminate, the citations.

Our safety consultants will create programs and procedures specific to your job industry and tasks. We can create a health and safety program exclusively for your company and customize safety programs to meet and exceed all OSHA requirements. Superior Safety Solutions can also help with site-specific health and safety programs.

OSHA regulations do change from time to time. Superior Safety Solutions will make any necessary changes to programs we maintain when and if any regulations change in your industry.

Our safety consultants will ensure that your company properly maintains your OSHA 300 logs. Through your OSHA 300 logs, Superior Safety Solutions can help pinpoint areas of concern and help create a corrective action plan to help prevent future accidents.

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