About Us

Superior Safety Solutions is a full-service OSHA compliance safety and health consulting company based in New Jersey. We provide onsite and offsite safety consulting services to the Tri-State Area, and OSHA citation settlement assistance throughout the country.

With over 50 years of safety and health experience in construction and other general industries, the team at Superior Safety Solutions is committed to helping our clients promote worksite safety practices in their day to day practices.

Our seasoned team works diligently with businesses to assist them with OSHA compliance and develop tailored safety and health programs, training, safety regulations, accident investigations, safety inspections, and much more.

We assist clients with the ongoing changes within the safety and health industry. Our team is experienced and familiar with working alongside OSHA during an inspection or investigation. We are thoroughly trained in construction and other general industries to identify potential violations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective solution to our clients for their safety needs and reduce EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and insurance costs.

Maintain a high level of safety and compliance throughout your company.

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